Monday, 4 April 2011

Climate Day

On Climate Day, Wed 13th April, just three weeks before the elections, political parties will announce and publish their climate change polices. At the same time, Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS) is encouraging people across the country to engage with the issue on this day and to get involved in an online community, where you can access blogs and other video content and take part in conversations and debate on climate change issues.

Climate Day will culminate with a live, online debate with climate change spokespeople from each of the five political parties currently represented in the Scottish Parliament. Tune in and post your questions and comments live via the online forum and Twitter.

I think that climate issues and environmental challenges are fundamental to the political agenda and we need to make sure we use all opportunities to let that message be heard. The earth remains a precious but fragile gift and we need to make sure we cradle it with greater care than we have up to now

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You can follow or take part in the SCCS campaign online:

Twitter: #SCCS_Elections


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