Friday, 15 April 2011

Poverty Truth Commission

Tomorrow, Saturday 16th April, sees the closing session of Scotland’s Poverty Truth Commission take place at 2pm in Glasgow City Chambers.

Two years ago the Commission was launched in the same venue in front of 400 witnesses. Following an afternoon in which a range of people who have learned about poverty the hard way made their case for change, a partnership was formed between these testifiers and some of those in our society – from the worlds of politics, the media, academic life, police, the Church – who wield power and influence.

Now – after two years of working together - they will issue a series of challenges. Early next week I will publish the link to their final report – it is important that this is widely read and acted on.

I know that already nearly 400 people have signed up to attend tomorrow’s session. But if you are inspired to turn up, give it a go. If it is anything like the opening session, you will not regret it. With an election in front of us, no politician in Scotland should be unaware of the Commission’s work, or of the challenges it is bringing.

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