Friday, 25 March 2011

The Census

Filling in your census form may seem like an unwelcome extra chore on the weekend when you lose an hour’s sleep but it will probably fascinate people in a hundred years time.

Like a time capsule the information creates a snapshot of living in 2011. The questions about your occupation and the number of rooms in your home and who you share it with paint a picture of life now which will no doubt intrigue people in 3011.

Campaigns to put religion as ‘Jedi’ are a fun but flippant response to what is a serious question, even if the answer to the question about religion is ‘none’.

Everything we do relates to what we believe about how the world was and is and why we believe it. If the census is to tell something about how our society is and will be shaped then knowing what people believe will tell us more than any other of the questions put together.

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