Monday, 11 January 2010

The Sabbath

I was phoned by a journalist wanting to know what I thought of car salesman Peter Vardy closing his showrooms on a Sunday to let his staff spend time with their families. Now I was surprised not so much by the journalist’s question but by Peter Vardy’s decision. After all, he’s a businessman. He believes that what he may gain in sales through Sunday opening, his staff lose out when it comes to family. He’s right.

I’ve often spoken about poverty. But there is another kind of poverty, the lack of time spent with friends, family, and others you could be with. A couple of months ago I was in Germany and one Sunday I visited a town where not a single shop was open. People were out and about with their families. That is a value on Sunday that is above money.

Busyness or fruitfulness – that is the question. Is your life full of meaningful accomplishments or just busy activities? The truth is busyness does not guarantee fruitfulness. It is the quality of what our lives produce that determines whether or not we are truly fruitful. It’s time to be with those we care about and reclaim the Sabbath for what it is.

Photograph by JackofallTrades.

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