Thursday, 14 January 2010

Indirect costs of Alcohol Misuse

The claim that alcohol abuse costs each on of us around £900 a year will be challenged by some for being based on some big assumptions, but there’s no doubt that alcohol abuse remains a blight on all our lives. The costs of alcohol abuse are not just financial but eat at the very souls of those whose families have to cope with its effects. Misuse affects not just the person who drinks, but all the family members as well. 

The trouble is that this not simply about the actions of some individuals but about our very culture. We need to change our collective attitude to alcohol. The Church of Scotland is supporting minimum pricing by asking it's membership to write to drinks producers to say that they should work with the Government on this issue.

It is a strange campaign in a way; saying "we want to pay more, not less, for a wee bit pleasure". It won’t stop all alcohol abuse in Scotland but it might help to drive the message home that currently the price we pay as a nation for our alcohol consumption is more expensive socially and spiritually, than financially.

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