Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Adoption by same Sex-Couples

The Church of Scotland was quoted in yesterday’s Daily Mail as saying, in response to a story about adoption by a Lesbian couple, that homosexual relationships were “profoundly unstable”, when in fact the quote came not from us but from somewhere entirely different. When the General Assembly debated this issue, it was quite clear that what matters are the best interests of the child concerned, and therefore was not in principle opposed to adoption by same sex couples if those interests were best served – though it reaffirmed that traditional marriage remains the Church’s preferred option for the bringing up of children.

Some papers contact the Church when they are looking for an easy quote to support their own position. This time the Mail got it wrong. I wait with bated breath for their apology. The wellbeing of vulnerable children is much more important than papers with an axe to grind. Long may that continue, and let’s hope more children who need adoptive parents find the right people volunteering for the job.

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