Saturday, 14 November 2009

United we stand

Sorry about the lack of posts recently. I've been away in Germany for two weeks at an event about poverty and renewal.

I will tell you about soon but today I was with Scotland United on the streets of Glasgow to protest against an effort by right wing agitators to make their presence felt in the city. A great turn out by trade unions, faith groups, students and politicians - a broad coalition which was good to be part of. If we could turn that passion on the fight to end poverty in Scotland anything might happen. The highlight of the day was a small dog that marched bearing a placard on its back that said “Mongrels for racial diversity”. Humour is a great weapon in the fight for an inclusive society – and Glasgow has it in abundance. However the narrowness by which the BNP lost its deposit in Thursday’s by-election should remind us all that the threat from that quarter has to be taken seriously. All faith communities should be in the front line on this issue. A threat to one of us – in this case the Central Mosque – is a threat to all of us.

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