Thursday, 26 November 2009

Serving Scotland Better

As Jim Murphy, Secretary of State for Scotland, has announced the Government's plans to take forward most of the recommendations in the Calman Commission on Scottish Devolution, with a forthcoming White Paper; and the Scottish Government look set to release a White Paper with their plans for a potential referendum on Scottish independence, I look to the politicians making decisions on Scotland's constitutional future.
These White Papers will reignite discussions which have been ever-present recently in the wake of the National Conversation and the Calman Commission, stirring up passionately held views on all sides of the debate.

It is crucial that all debates on how we are governed should be underpinned by three principles:
• Debates about the future of Scotland should include as many people as possible, and constitutional discussions should not exclude the most marginal in society.
• Debates should be rooted in the values we want from our society.
• Any constitutional changes proposed should be primarily about how we better tackle poverty, especially child poverty, and promote social justice.

The Kirk is committed to engaging with all sides of the debate in the coming months and years.I only hope that politicians engage as fully as possible with the communities they represent in determining Scotland's future.

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