Monday, 24 September 2012

From here to Korea

The Moderator’s recent blog post from Korea highlights the Church of Scotland’s partnership with the wider Christian family across the world. 

He also pays tribute to the Scottish missionary John Ross who helped to translate the New Testament into Korean, which is being marked this year as the Church in Korea celebrates its centenary.

South Korea’s economic development since the 1950s has been remarkable, though there is a shared realisation in Scotland as well as Korea and indeed around the world that economic growth needs to take account of environmental sustainability.  The issue of renewable energy in Korea will be raised by the Moderator at the Korean Church’s General Assembly.

The occasion of the anniversary, coinciding with the Moderator’s visit, has even been the inspiration for a motion in the Scottish Parliament proposed by Rhoda Grant MSP, a member for the Highlands and Islands region:

*S4M-04162 Rhoda Grant: Recognition for Ross-shire Minister for Christian Work in Korea—That the Parliament recognises the significance of the work of the Scottish missionary, Rev John Ross, originally of Ross-shire, in his contribution to translating the New Testament into Korean, leaving a lasting legacy for Christians in Korea; wishes the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland well as he joins the General Assembly of the Korean Church in celebrating its 100th anniversary; understands that the Moderator, Right Rev Albert Bogle, will address the General Assembly of the Korean Church on issues relating to renewable energy policy, and considers that both Scotland and Korea play a significant contribution in promoting renewable energy policy.

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