Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A Healthy Relationship

July in Dunblane means a lot of weddings in the Cathedral and I must admit I'm a sucker for romance!  I'm always a bit humbled by the commitment it takes to walk down that aisle and make those promises.

Maybe that' s why the comments regarding relationship in the media over the last wee while resonated with me particularly. And while I don’t want to take a shot over anyone’s bow, I do want to unpack some thoughts I've been having about the power of relationship.

To my mind, there is nothing healthier for a human being than a committed, loving, stable and nurturing relationship with another person. To have another to hold you, support you, gently warn you when your ego might take you one step too far, or push you when you hit neutral and want to park in a comfort zone you might get stuck in, is one of the greatest kindnesses God ever gave us.

I have seen committed, loving, stable relationships be the glue that has helped to hold folk together when their world was teetering in uncertainty.  I personally know that my marriage has been the foundation that has kept my feet on the ground and let my dreams take flight.  In every story told of Jesus, he was breaking down barriers and building bridges so that we could find each other and forge relationship.

We must be careful, very careful indeed, to uphold the foundation that all human beings build best from - committed, stable, loving, nurturing relationships. They are our common ground, our best starting point and the healthiest way to be.

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