Thursday, 31 May 2012

Ian Galloway's final post as Convener

This will be my final Convener's Blog entry. The past four years have been a privilege, but I am tired. I look forward to returning to the role of Parish Minister in the Gorbals on a full time basis.

Not that this is some kind of easy option, but to have the opportunity to focus in one direction will be a different kind of challenge - and one that right now, and particularly after some family time is very attractive.

I am hugely grateful to everyone who has supported me in the role of Convener.

Without that sense of working on behalf of others who care it would have been a real slog. I am in no doubt that the greatest beneficiary of this time has been me. I have loved the engagement, the opportunities and, as always, the people I have been permitted to meet in so many places.

The task of making a difference in the fight for social justice (the Gospel imperative of prioritising the poor), and asserting the critical relevance of the Christian faith in 21st Century Scotland, is one that brings significant challenges to those who are called to it.

As far as the part this Convenorship may play in that task, I hand that on to Sally Foster-Fulton. I have come to know Sally over the past two years, and particularly in this past year when she has been Vice Convenor of the Council. I know that under her wise and careful leadership the work of the Council will flourish and grow.

I look forward to watching that happen, at the same time as breathing a sigh of relief that my time in that particular hot seat has passed.

 I leave you with a prayer for God's blessing on all you aspire to in Jesus' name. Ian Galloway - Minister, Gorbals Parish Church, Glasgow.  

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  1. Being nothing more than a member of the Church, I don't know if I have a right more than anyone else to have my opinion published on the website.
    Regardless, I would just like to express my admiration for the work you have done.
    You refer in your final post to, 'The task of making a difference in the fight for social justice (the Gospel imperative of prioritising the poor)', and if there is a legacy you leave behind having been in the role of Convenor, it is being a very effective spokesperson on behalf of the Church in that very fight.



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