Monday, 5 March 2012

We can all make a difference

This is Fairtrade Fortnight - a good opportunity to focus our thoughts on what we can all do to help people trying to scrape a living as farmers in poor parts of the world.

Take a Step’ for Fairtrade is this year’s campaign and they are calling on all of us to engage with the Fairtrade vision of an even bigger movement for positive change on unfair trade. If you already buy some Fairtrade products you might want to think about adding more to your shopping list. Despite global warming you cannot buy Scottish bananas! So why not ‘take a step’ and choose bananas with the Fairtrade mark?

Some are cynical, questioning whether it really makes any difference. Yes it does – buyers must pay at least the Fairtrade minimum price to the producer. This covers the costs of sustainable production and is a safety net for farmers when market prices fall. So the poorest farmers and workers throughout the world benefit from us choosing Fairtrade when we shop.

Fairtrade encompasses almost all of Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, Oceania and the poorest countries in Asia. But, did you know that Fairtrade applies to Scottish producers and farmers too? So support them and reduce carbon emissions from transport by buying local Fairtrade products whenever you can.

‘Take a step’ and make a difference. Look for the Fairtrade logo on products. It couldn’t be easier.

There is a wide selection of products available these days and it is your guarantee that disadvantaged farmers and workers around the world are getting a better deal.

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