Monday, 30 January 2012

The Church and Devo Max

I read many articles in the Scottish Press over the weekend and found they made very interesting reading. It is good to know that fictional writing in Scotland is alive and well.

Despite all that may have been reported The Church of Scotland has not taken a position on what should appear on the ballot paper, and has not taken a position either on the question of independence or on further devolved powers for the Scottish Parliament. What we do support is an honest debate among people in Scotland about the issues that most matter when deciding Scotland’s future

Along with a range of other organisations, the Church supports an initiative involving all of Civic Scotland to encourage debate about issues that matter about the future of Scotland. Such a debate is not connected to any political party or any campaign for a particular question to be put to the Scottish people. Whilst this initiative is a place where the Church of Scotland will speak, this initiative does not and cannot speak for the Church of Scotland.

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