Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Creation Time

Creation Time is a church season which runs from 1 September to 4 October each year, and is designed to help churches and Christians think, pray and act on issues to do with caring for the earth.

This year the General Assembly passed a Deliverance which said: Commend Creation Time and encourage all congregations and presbyteries to take advantage of the season of Creation Time and to use the related resources that have been produced.

The resources are available from Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, and the theme this year is Our Daily Bread.

This prayer is taken from the CTBI resources:

O God, as the reality of what we have done to the earth and seas, which provide us with our daily bread, dawns on us, grant us the grace to do what is necessary to cooperate with your redeeming care of the cosmos. Give us the generosity and the courage to do without those things that destroy earth, air, water and all that sustains us. Bless us anew, that we may bless the earth with healing care, God – Creator, Word and Holy Spirit. Amen

This theme ties in well with our current work which is looking into food sustainability and farming. We are seeking views on a range of questions, please get in touch.

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