Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Religious Freedom in Afghanistan

My heart goes out to Said Musa and his friends and family after learning of his death sentence for converting from Islam to Christianity in Afghanistan.

You can read about it at:




I think many people will be worried for the freedom of religion in Afghanistan seeing as the Taliban were forced from power nearly 10 years ago. Conversion from Islam is still a crime in Afghanistan.

Last year the Church of Scotland’s World Mission Council produced an important report on Christians who live in minority communities around the world.

I want to see our Government doing all it can to convince the Afghan authorities to free Mr Musa. Western pressure has worked before. Let’s hope and pray that it happens again.

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  1. Last year's World Mission Council Report concerning Christian living in a minority situation has been published as 'If One Suffers'. Copies are available from the World Mission Council (email as a download from the Church of Scotland website here:


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