Tuesday, 30 November 2010

On Sectarianism

I am sad to see that sectarianism and bigotry have risen its ugly head in our nation again. The roots of these forms of behaviour go far back into our history and some would even say that they form an endemic part of our culture. I reject that viewpoint. The Scotland I want to be part of is not one that nurtures its sectarian past as something good.

Banter at the expense of other people is simply not humour; it is disguised aggression and it should be condemned and stopped. Gratuitous discriminatory behaviour must not be part of our present as Scots and it is definitely not a legacy that should be passed unto our children. Everyone living and visiting our fair city has the right to walk and attend events undisturbed, regardless of the colour of their skin, their religion or the colours they support. From an individual perspective, nobody wants family members to be the victims of sectarianism; this is why we should all refuse to engage in it. Some within the Protestant community might not want to see the Church of Scotland standing beside our Catholic Colleagues but I stand behind the right of anyone to live, worship and socialize within a city that embraces peace and respect.

Less than five years ago the then Scottish Executive, now Scottish Government addressed the issue of sectarianism and developed a number of campaigns against it. It is clear that education and respect for the other are a big part of the answer to this type of problem.

Surely Scotland has moved on from this sad part of its past;  if not, its time it did!

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  1. Awright Rev how's it gaun, am just a we bit confused about aw this bigotry stuff, ma best mate is a tim an am a proddy, we huv bin mates fae birth 59 year ago. He wiz ma best man as well an stood for me in Thornwood, Mr Lawless wiz the minister, whit a name furra minister nae luck there. Anyhow how diz this bigotry stuff work can anyone do it, am nae angel am the same as ma mate at times a 90 minute bigot I believe is the in expression. However in aw ma days roon the shipyards and the west end a can honestly say I have only ever seen positive what you call bigotry, by that I mean we treated with contempt and were always have good natured banter about billies and tims, I am happy to count many people of all persuasions among my friends and I like to think they see me as a friend, as ma auld Da used tae say..we are aw jock tamsons bairns, oor wee city isny anywhere as bad as folk would like the world tae think, some like to paint us blacker than the earl of hells waist coat, nothing could be further from the truth, it is a city full of good and kindhearted people. God Bless Rev ...Big Al.


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