Monday, 8 March 2010

Against Nuclear Weapons

On the 13th of March I will be in Edinburgh marching and speaking against nuclear weapons. I do this out of a firmly held personal convictions that nuclear weapons are wrong as they kill indescriminately but also because the Church of Scotland has long spoken out against such weapons.

Recently, the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, the Rt Rev Bill Hewitt, joined the Scottish Clergy against Nuclear Armaments pressure group to launch a new campaign placing Trident and nuclear weapons at the heart of the general election campaign. The Church and Society Council which I convene supports this campaign and has been actively distributing postcards encouraging people to contact their MP’s regarding their stand for or against nuclear weapons.

The march will assemble at the Scottish Parliament at 11 am and march off at 11.30 with the Rally at the Grassmarket at 12.30. Speakers will include

I will be sharing the platform with Alex Salmond,   Mark Lazarowicz MP (Labour), John Barrett MP (Lib Dem), Alis Ballance, candidate, (Greens), Kate Hudson (CND Chair) Trade Union representative Mike Kirby, and broadcaster Lesley Riddoch, chaired by actor David Hayman. More information on the march is available at the Scotland for Peace website.

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